Sofia Gutman

Film & Animation



13 min'

A lonely truck driver arrives at a gas station at night. He meets a woman workering in the shop.

As he watch her reality and dream mix. This nocturnal meeting will change the rest of his journey.

production: A perte de vue film, Novanima

Co auteur Jean-Baptiste Peltier


15 min'

A couple leaves the city to hike in the forest. Their disagreement and misunderstanding of each other will lead them deeper and deeper into the woods.

A strange phenomena – a meteorite rain takes place. As the forest begins to change they need to search for the way out.


2 min'

Its Autumn, birds are migrating to warmer climate.

On the gray streets of Paris, illegal immigrants are selling shoes. Winter is near.

production: La Conséquence


8 min'

A girl is visiting her father,

at night strange memories and unpleasant conversations rise to the surface.

University project